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Welcome to the world of virtual reality; the way to turn experiences into reality. enCircle believes in the power of 360-degree video. The deployment of a 360-degree video or virtual reality experience offers possibilities to bring brands to life. We are specialised in facilitating Virtual Reality experiences.

Make dreams reality

enCircle believes that its products stem from dreams. These dreams are not only based on those of the customer; enCircle also helps with the creating and shaping of these dreams. Keeping this in mind, enCircle creates 360-degree videos that not only show images but give birth to a realistic experience on a virtual level. enCircle offers multiple options to realise this experience, best suited to your wishes and end-goals of communication expression.

These options are made up of a 360-degree video, 360-degree livestreaming, both of which are able to be combined with visual effects. Reaching the target audience by influencing emotions, that is the goal of a communication message. The end-goal can be to make an impact on the viewer, entertaining the viewer or to teach the viewer about a specific subject or process. Where virtual reality was used mostly for entertainment purposes in the past, it can now serve multiple purposes effectively. enCircle will gladly help you look for a 360-degree video application for your organisation.


Making a 360-degree video

A 360-degree video is a video that is made with a special type of camera. This camera can record a situation at 360 degrees in one-go. The end result can be experienced in different ways. By using virtual reality headsets the user can be taken to a place, situation or story. Next to that, a 360-degree video van be watched on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which makes the video available for a variety of audiences.


360-degree livestreaming

Every experience is a unique one and with that is the most fitting way to communicate as well. For the experiences in which limited time is an important aspect, enCircle offers the possibility to livestream a 360-degree video. Want to sit in a judge's seat throughout the finale of that well-known tv program? How about sitting in the stands during an important football game? By livestreaming a 360-degree video you can play with the charm of being there in person.

enCircle has partaken in several livestream projects. One of which was the gaypride. enCircle has done a 360-degree livestream on it which made it possible for the whole world to enjoy the event on one of the boats in the channels of Amsterdam. During the finals of The Voice Kids Arab the 360-degree livestream set up by enCircle made it possible for fans to be present in the studio in the virtual sense. A virtual reality livestream was also used at Di-Rect's performance in the 'Glass House' during 3FM's Serious Request, through more than 60 VR headsets, onlookers were able to enjoy the performance just as well.

a visible

The creation of a 360-degree video/livestream consists of several phases. enCircle considers it to be highly important that the client can enforce their opinion along each step of the project. This happens gradually, so the client can be taken through the project under accompaniment. The phases are the following:


The first preparations to achieve a solid product are made here. The preparations are very similar to those of a traditional (16:9) film. This phase is about the taking inventory of the wishes/requirements/desires, to concretize the message and to determine the goal of the experience. From created base we next move on to thinking about a concept, writing down the storyline and a detailed schedule for the day of shooting.


The production-phase is on the day of shooting. enCircle makes sure that the creative schedule from the pre-production will be realised and recorded in the most optimal manner. This is the moment in which all the preparations will pay off. The previously thought-out scenes will come to life on the screen. Dependant on the size of the project enCircle will provide the camera equipment with an operator even up to an entire crew. This crew can consist of a director with an extra sound engineer to even including lights, make up and the deployment of certified drone operators.


During the post-production the metaphorical rough stone is turned into a shiny diamond. The processes vary from 'stitching' (making one image from the several lenses), editing and the sound design. This is roughly the last phase before the result can be enjoyed through the virtual reality headset. In this phase enCircle works with several feedback moments in which together with you, we will think about possible improvements. After all, we want to work together with you to create a 360 degree video that suits your needs and wishes.

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Industries & sectors

Virtual reality can be utilised in many ways, which creates a diverse set of clientele for enCircle who come from an array of sectors. In the past, virtual reality was mostly used for marketing purposes, at present it is also used for sales and training purposes. To illustrate this, please find below a compilation per industry made with the enCircle-produced content.


360 degree storytelling

Everybody loves a good story, whether that be a literary novel, a film or a tale made up by a friend. How is it that stories always manage to demand our attention? Research shows that stories release all kinds of happiness hormones. These chemicals are associated with reward, fun and pleasure which ensure that stories are remembered longer.

All of these characteristics make it so storytelling in virtual reality as an excellent way to get across information. With this in mind, enCircle aims to raise the bar on each project every time. By working together with companies to create authentic stories that kickstart the mind of the viewer, along with you enCircle brings the story of your brand to life.

"The power of storytelling lies in the organisation of information that is carried over. This creates connectivity, experience and guidance."

Why choose enCircle?

enCircle offers more than just its speciality in virtual reality techniques; we look further than just the VR experience and think we think about options of deployment of the technology alongside with you. enCircle strives for 360 degree video content that brings about solutions for your company.

  • Versatile

  • Simplistic and scalable

  • Innovative and sustainable

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